Welcome. We are Model Citizen

We Believe a project is only as good as the sum of its parts:

Marks The Spot

Your website is nothing if it isn't built on a solid plan.

Before any thought goes into design and layout and colours, you need to think about:

  • why do I need a website at all?
  • who is my audience?
  • where will they come from?
  • how will I attract my audience?
  • what do I want visitors to my site to do?

In Your Face

You can't rely on good looks alone - RESPOND to the times!

Current analytics show that up to 50% of web page visits are made from mobile devices, this number will continue to grow as mobile browsing becomes more popular and browsing via a desktop computer becomes a thing of the past.

Does your website work across all these different devices?

If not, you may be losing half of your customers straight away!

We Built this city on semantic mark-up and standards compliant code

OK so it might not be as sexy as rock'n'roll but we use the latest HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery to make our frontend and a nice easy to use PHP backend.

We take pride in our code at Model Citizen and whilst the average punter might not appreciate the specifics, what they will appreciate is what it means for your site.

Good code means fast-loading, cross-platform compatibility (your site will work well on every computer and device) and can even help you gain a higher search ranking.

Spread Your Word

You are awesome and the whole world should know!

If you're on the web, you want to tap into the WORLD WIDE AUDIENCE, otherwise, really, what's the use!?

We can set up email marketing campaigns for you and help you leverage social media traffic to get your word out and drive traffic to your site. SEO is not an afterthought in our world, it's a basic building block!

Have We Met?

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